When Robby was three years old, he commandeered a nursing home intercom system and performed Barney’s “I Love You” for the building’s entire elderly population. It was the first in a series of bold moves that would come to define his musical career.

With a father in the navy, Robby spent much of his early years moving from place to place before his family settled in a small town in Louisiana. His mother took a job as a church choir director and pianist, introducing Robby to the joys of music.

Robby began playing piano at the age of seven and started composing music a few years later. As a teenager, he wrote and performed songs with a group of his best friends. His band Waltz With Me played around the state, releasing several EPs and a full-length album.

After graduation, he moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, where he would continue to write songs, and eventually record his own music. He released two projects independently, Back to Life (2011) and Lifted (2012) with the help of childhood friend and producer Mark Campbell. In 2014, Robby was signed to Capitol Records with whom he recorded a full length album and an EP while touring the U.S. 

Robby's life has changed quite a bit since then, including a move to Austin, Texas where he now lives with his wife and their pup, Samwise the Brave. Through all of the shifts of recent years, Robby continues to write songs thoughtfully characterized by themes of hope, fear, freedom, and longing. His latest record is perhaps his most personal and sincere project to date. Heartland, released in 2017, finds Robby processing the restlessness that comes with asking the sort of questions that don’t come with clear answers.


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