The (New) Songs In My Head

Hey guys, 

 Welcome to August! We made it eight months into 2016, which is impressive because the world is sort of going insane right now! To celebrate, I offer this:


August, you nostalgic time of back-to-school commercials and football games. You remind us of the leaves that will soon change, the sweaters that will soon be worn, the extra profit that will soon be made by Starbucks everywhere. Indeed, you stir up all the lovely feelings of Fall. And so I walk out my door and into to your glorious embrace, and I remember that it is hot and terrible outside because I live in the South. 


Yes, we have now come to what I like think of as the enchanting prelude to the masterpiece of Autumn. And though it is quite uncomfortably warm outside, I find my thoughts are taken with the season soon to come. 

In that spirit, I offer a new batch of Songs In My Head. These songs, often poignant but bracing, have helped to sate my cravings for chillier days. They have also served as the soundtrack for my morning drive and the backdrop to cheery evenings with friends. I hope they will be so kind to you. 

Oh, and while we're here, let me briefly explain the manner in which this sweet playlist child of mine shall continue to exist.  Each month, I will introduce you to a new and totally different set of Songs In My Head. Look for it around the start of the month. If you already follow the playlist, then you're good to go. When you open it up, you'll find it's already been reset. If you don't follow the playlist, let me gently nudge you to click here and live a little.

"But," you might perhaps say, "I actually kind of liked the old Songs In My Head playlist! Though I am mildly intrigued by this new set of songs, I am sad to see the others go. This is hardly responsible playlist management, Robby." 


Happily, there is no need to say farewell to those playlists to which you've grown accustomed to listening. You will find the old sets of songs available on my Spotify profile. If there is a certain playlist that you found particularly enjoyable, you can continue to follow it and rest assured that it shall remain perfectly preserved in its original state. Don't believe me?  The Songs In My Head - July is ready and waiting. 

Alright. Well, that about covers it. Thanks for clicking the link you saw and reading these words I wrote. Have a good day and a great August.




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